2016 sUMMER concerts!


August 3rd-Jeff Crosby and the Refugees. These guys tore the roof off this place a couple years ago, so we invited them back for more blues tinged rock n' roll. This will rock!

our show july 20th includes this excellent band from colorado!

This Summer's shows include;

JULY 20TH- KING CARDINAL-July 20th- Strong storytelling with a pedal steel guitar and some banjo to boot, which stretches into a sound reminiscent of The Band. Beautiful lush and layered compositions will make for a great night in the park.

August 31st-Streetlight Moon will perform Led Zeppelin II in it's entirety. And then some. These guys rock and so will you at our GRAND FINALE! More will be revealed for this party!

August 17th-Shady GroOove and Goodlife. A great pairing of local acts...Shady GroOove is all instrumental and Goodlife features lots of great and harmonius vocals. Both bands will make you smile and move and groOove.



music in the canyon

​850 SW Rimrock Way and Highland Ave in Redmond OR